Founded in 1992, Auriga Partners is a private investment firm which was formed with a simple mission – to work intensively with a small number of lower-middle market portfolio companies through critical portions of their life cycles and avoid the short-term, transaction mentality typical of most investment firms. Through our partnership with management teams and board members, we bring all of our effort, experience, and resources to develop and implement value-added strategies and initiatives.

In particular, Auriga believes policies for each functional area of a business, including sales, marketing, finance, and operations must be supportive of overall corporate strategies to optimize the value of an enterprise.

An Auriga investment always includes:

  • an intense focus on understanding the key business drivers of a company and its markets;
  • working closely with management to develop strategies to maximize investor value; and
  • implementing the operating, capital markets, corporate development, and human resource aspects of those strategies.

Auriga is prepared to work through the challenges associated with, but not limited to, the following:

  • ownership groups with differing goals / ownership structure issues;
  • incomplete management teams;
  • lack of sales and marketing focus;
  • capital structure issues;
  • separating profitable operations from failing corporate structures; and/or
  • failed auctions.